Q & A

Lots of people have lots of questions about Saint Cupcake. We'll try to answer some of them here:

I am planning a party/baby shower/bridal shower/special lunch/dinner date/oscar party/superbowl extravaganza/office party and I REALLY want to have cupcakes. Should i just come in to Saint Cupcake to get my special cupcakes, or can I call someone to place an order?

We want your party cupcakes to be as special as the party you're having. That's why we have a team of celebration and event managers waiting to take your special orders. Please call 503-473-8760, and we'll get your order in our books! We return all of our phone calls, so if you get our voicemail leave a message and we'll return your call promptly!


Will you donate cupcakes or services to my very important event/charitable organization/awesome cause?

Since 2005, Saint Cupcake has donated hundreds of thousands of cupcakes and other baked goods to organizations and events in Oregon. We are currently supporting the following organizations: Blanchet House, Julia West House, Central City Concern, Loaves & Fishes, Pear, Cascade Aids Project, NW Children's Theater, BackFence PDX, Entertainment for People and the Multnomah County Library Summer Reading Program. If you are interested in having us take a look at your organization to see whether or not we can form a sweet partnership, feel free to email us at hello@saintcupcake.com. Note: we reserve all of our donations for the above listed organizations only.


What are your hours at Saint Cupcake SW?

HOURS:  Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am-6pm  Sun: 10am - 5pm

What are your hours at Saint Cupcake SE (Belmont)?

HOURS:  Mon - Wed: 11am - 7pm, Thur - Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Can I sell your cupcakes at my coffee shop or restaurant?

To make a long answer shorter: probably. But we need to talk about some details first like minimum orders, delivery requirements and forms of payment accepted. If you feel like discussing it, please contact us via the worldwide interwebs.

Do you happen to make vegan cupcakes? What about gluten-free stuff?

Vegans rejoice! We do indeed make vegan cupcakes. And we even use the non-animal related type of sugar. We're talking Vegan with a capital V!
Check out the menu for daily vegan flavors, or call our office of celebration and events to order some for your next peaceful vegan party: 503-473-8760.

And, yes, nearly everything we make contains gluten.

Is Saint Cupcake real?

First, Saint Cupcake is indeed a real, true bakery. If you're wondering whether or not there's an actual SAINT Cupcake…well, that's a lot like asking whether or not there's a Santa Claus.  First it's important to point out that we still believe in Santa and the magic that he brings to life once a year.  Next, it's important to point out that sometimes in life you need to realize that just because something isn't ACTUALLY real doesn't mean it's not real. Magic and imagination people. That's what makes it all happen.

I want to order many, many cupcakes. Is that possible?

With enough time, nearly anything is possible. Just call our office of celebrations and events, and they can help you out: 503-473-8760.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

We do! Just stop by and pick one up. You will make someone SO happy!

Is Saint Cupcake a chain? Will you sell me a franchise?

Of course Saint Cupcake isn't a chain, silly!
As for a franchise: we really have no intention of selling our dream to anyone. We're happy where we are, thank you very much. But it's nice you asked!

What's in your cupcakes? Magic?

We get asked all the time what we put in our cupcakes. Some want specific recipes, and we tell those people "sorry, but if we told you, we'd have to marry you and you would be committed to us for llfe." Can you support all 19 of us? Well then we can't tell you our recipes but, there are some things that we can and will tell you. We think that you should know that our cupcakes are all natural, with the exception of a certain kind of sprinkle known as the "jimmie" but our vanilla is 100% real vanilla. Some bakeries refer to it as "pure Madagasgar Bourbon Vanilla" like they've hired a dude in a pith helmet to travel the world in search of this rare and exotic elixir. We do use pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, but it's nothing to brag about because who in their right mind would use the fake stuff?

We never really thought to brag that we use REAL pumpkin in our pumpkin spice or real lemon in our lemon cupcakes. Our hot fudge and caramel topping is made from scratch with things like real heavy cream, brown sugar and butter that is real buttery.  Pistachio buttercream is made with a real gelato base. Fat Elvis requires real bananas taken from monkeys. Elvis wouldn't have it any other way and neither would we. We don't use stabilizers like shortening to keep our icing tall and rigid in any of our cupcakes. It didn't even cross our minds to use "flavoring" so we didn't. And don't. And won't.

So next time you see something that lists an ingredient from a far off distant land, please know that we could just as easily list our lead-free sugar and dolphin-safe peanut butter to impress you, but we won't.

Do you ship?

We used to ship once upon a time, but we found that we just can’t guarantee the perfection of each cupcake like we can when we see your smiling face in our bakery. So sorry, no shipping.